Industry-tuned product search.

Help your customers find what they need effortlessly with our AI-powered, LBM-specific search functionality.

  • Search aliases for common LBM terms
  • SKU search for quick product look-up
  • Quick add-to-cart buttons
  • Auto-suggest for faster search

Fast and secure cart & checkout.

Offer a safe and user-friendly checkout experience that keeps customers coming back.

  • Accept credit card payments
  • Enable on-account orders from existing customers
  • Anti-fraud protection via 3-D Secure

Customizable delivery and fulfillment options.

Provide a range of delivery and checkout options to meet your customers' needs. Customize fulfillment options based on your delivery capabilities.

  • In-store pickup and store delivery configuration
  • Set delivery range, order amount eligibility, and radius-based eligibility
  • TOOLBX delivery service integration in selected areas

Comprehensive multi-store support.

Effortlessly manage multiple store locations from one central platform. Allow customers to browse their nearest location for a real-time, accurate shopping experience.

  • Simple store selector lets customers select their preferred location
  • Display store-specific pricing and inventory data
  • Seamlessly manage multiple store locations within a single platform
  • Centralize product pricing, availability, and status management in one place

Increase repeat purchases with customer accounts.

Deliver a seamless and personalized shopping experience with fully-featured customer accounts and easy sign-in options.

  • Out-of-the-box customer profiles and logins
  • Convenient management of order history, payment history, and invoices
  • Easy updating of payment methods, addresses, and contacts
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and promote loyalty

Expand your reach with the Shop Direct app.

Connect your store to the Shop Direct app and showcase your catalog to building professionals in your area who order materials every day.

  • Gain greater exposure to building professionals in your area
  • Promote orders and quotes through a seamless and user-friendly app
  • Attract new customers and grow your business

Tell your story with custom content pages.

Showcase your building supply store's unique identity and expertise by crafting custom content pages that complement your online storefront.

  • Create pages for careers, brands, manufacturers, and more
  • Highlight your store's distinct story, values, and expertise
  • Effortlessly transfer existing content from legacy websites to your e-commerce store
  • Personalize your storefront to reflect your brand's identity

Top-notch onboarding support.

Transition into the world of e-commerce with confidence and ease, backed by our dedicated team of experts.

  • A smooth and swift onboarding experience with expert assistance
  • Launch your online store quickly and effectively
  • Personalized support to ensure your unique needs are met
  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to manage your online storefront with ease

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