Streamline customer communications with a powerful messaging platform

With Messages, you can communicate with your customers through an easy-to-use interface that's embedded right into your sales process. Enjoy messaging functionality that's integrated with your quotes, payments, and orders.

  • Send and receive text messages through a user-friendly platform
  • Receive message notifications via web, mobile and email
  • Easily manage conversations by flagging or marking messages as unread
  • Stay on top of customer inquiries by centralizing messages in one place

Boost customer service with a messaging widget

Make it easy for customers to text you directly from your website with a messaging widget. Quickly respond to customer inquiries and convert potential leads into sales.

  • Allow customers to communicate with you in a way that's most convenient for them
  • Increase engagement by providing an easy and accessible communication channel

Stay connected on-the-go with a mobile app

Stay connected with your customers and team, no matter where you are, with the Messages mobile app.

  • Access all customer conversations and inquiries on-the-go
  • Respond to customer inquiries in real-time, no matter where you are
  • Get push notifications so never miss an important message
  • Seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile

Reduce call volume and save time

Say goodbye to the endless phone calls and wasted time. With Messages, your counter staff can spend more time where it matters - providing exceptional customer service.

  • Eliminate phone tag and follow up calls with a quick text message
  • No more misheard product SKUs or second guessing
  • Provide delivery and order updates via text message, eliminating the need for customers to call for updates

Delight customers and eliminate mistakes

Customers shouldn't have to stop what they're doing every time you call. With Messages, they can text asynchronously and get back to their day, while you take care of their needs.

  • Eliminate he-said, she-said scenarios with an exact record of customer conversations
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes by having all communications in writing

Get your team on the same page

Siloed conversations on sales reps' phones can lead to communication breakdowns internally. With Messages, you can centralize customer chats and respond faster, together.

  • Improve internal communication by keeping all customer conversations in one place
  • Ensure everyone on your team has the information they need to make informed decisions

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