10 weeks to integrate with their ERP and go live with 4 locations

  • Company

    DB&S Lumber

  • Location(s)

    4 locations - Roslindale, MA, USA Norwell, MA, USA Boston (Roxbury), MA, USA Bridgewater, MA, USA

  • Industry

    Lumber & building materials

The challenge

DB&S Lumber, a leading lumber and home improvement center, wanted to enable online sales for their store without the need to manage inventory in both their e-commerce store and ERP system. The company sought a solution that would streamline their online ordering process without disrupting their team's existing workflow. They also wanted to breathe easy that the information on their online store was always up to date for their customers. After researching different solutions, DB&S Lumber chose to partner with TOOLBX. Our ecommerce platform, tailored for building supply stores, allowed them to integrate fully with their existing ERP system—ECI Spruce.

"The integration process with TOOLBX has been nothing short of amazing. Their team was with us every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition that truly transformed our business. Working with TOOLBX has not only helped us improve our operations, but also brought a level of convenience to our customers that we never thought possible. I couldn't be happier with the results, and I'm genuinely excited to see where this partnership takes us in the future!"

Brian Naymie, President, DB&S Lumber

The outcome

By integrating TOOLBX with their ERP system, DB&S Lumber was able to unlock several significant benefits that transformed their business operations.

  • Single system management: Before the integration, DB&S Lumber struggled with managing two separate systems for their online orders and product catalog. TOOLBX provided a single point of management, allowing DB&S Lumber to update product data once in their ERP and sync it across both systems. This eliminated the need for redundant data entry and significantly reduced the risk of human error.
  • Real-time inventory data: DB&S Lumber's customers can now access accurate, real-time inventory data 24/7. This feature not only improves the buying experience for customers but also enhances DB&S Lumber's reputation for reliability.
  • Improved customer experience: Integrating enabled DB&S Lumber's customers to see and pay their invoices online with ease. This streamlined process not only improved the overall customer experience but also expedited payment processing and increased cash flow for the company.
  • Easy transition for their team: One of the key advantages of our integration was its seamless compatibility with DB&S Lumber's existing ERP platform. This meant that the team could continue using their familiar system. This saved time, resources, and reduced the likelihood of potential disruptions during the transition.


DB&S Lumber's success story highlights the immense value that integrating your ecommerce platform with your ERP system can bring to your business. With TOOLBX, DB&S Lumber has successfully enhanced its ecommerce capabilities and positioned itself as a leader in the building supply industry.

The seamless integration has significantly reduced manual tasks while increasing clarity to the customer. This has allowed the team to focus on more strategic initiatives. As a result, the company has set itself up for growth, increased customer loyalty, and improved internal processes.

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