Easy-to-use payment portal for customers

Accept payments online effortlessly through a simple, customer-friendly web interface on your store.

  • Allow customers to submit payments themselves
  • Accept credit card and bank transfers
  • Track incoming payments with ease on Dealer Admin

Send customizable payment request links

Generate unique, one-time payment links for a hassle-free payment experience. Quickly send payment requests to customers with pre-filled message templates.

  • Personalize payment requests
  • Send payment links to anyone
  • Monitor the status of your requests

Accelerate cash flow and reduce processing time

Eliminate the need for phone or in-person payments by offering a seamless online payment experience.

  • Avoid lost sales due to inconvenient payment methods
  • Process payments faster and more efficiently
  • Enhance customer satisfaction while boosting cash flow

Strengthen customer relationships

Offer a seamless and modern payment experience that delights your customers. Allow them to settle payments whenever it suits them; even outside of business hours.

  • Set yourself apart from competitors
  • Save customers' time and effort
  • Provide customers with payment history for easy account reconciliation

Rest easy with 3-D Secure fraud protection

Secure your transactions with our built-in fraud protection system. Payments integrates with 3-D Secure technology shifting liability away from your company and reducing the risk of chargebacks due to fraudulent transactions.

  • Minimize risk of fraud
  • Enhance payment compliance
  • Ensure customer data security

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