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The Challenge

Peacock Lumber is a multi-generational, family-run lumber supplier based in Oshawa, Ontario. First opened in 1939, they have a long history of serving their local community with quality lumber products.

However, the team at Peacock Lumber were beginning to face challenges in customer communication and capturing online sales leads. Their traditional phone-based and paper-based order processes were limiting, and they needed a way to streamline their customer interactions. By partnering with TOOLBX for their ecommerce solution and utilizing our Quotes and Messages features, Peacock Lumber were able to improve customer communication and significantly increase their reach to new, digital-first customers.

Before TOOLBX, Peacock Lumber's customer communication was mainly conducted through phone calls and email. High call volumes constrained the capacity of their sales team. Their existing quoting system required a lot of unstructured back and forth between the sales rep and the customer. Their quote form also lacked a simple, user-friendly design—impeding conversions.

The company needed a solution that would expand their quote process, improve customer communication, reduce errors, and enhance their ability to capture sales leads online.

"In today's retail sales environment it is very important for Peacock Lumber to offer a secure and easy to use online ordering system to compete with box stores. Toolbx has enabled us to do just that. In fact I believe the communication via messaging and quotes makes it significantly better for the customer."

Glen Peacock, Owner, Peacock Lumber

The Outcome

After implementing our ecommerce platform and enabling the Quotes and Messages features, Peacock Lumber addressed these challenges head-on. Our quoting tool enabled the company to provide a simplified and structured quote format, allowing customers to seamlessly submit custom quotes online. This streamlined process improved follow-up communication and reduced time to quote, as all the customer and product information was readily available.

Our Messages feature provided their contractors with a game-changing new way to communicate with Peacock Lumber. They could now quickly and easily text message the sales deck on their own time about an order or their account.

For the team, the platform centralized customer chats, enabling the team to respond faster and work together more efficiently. This improved internal communication and decision-making by giving everyone access to the information they needed. Customers could now text orders, photos, and questions to the store, significantly reducing call volume and providing a more convenient and efficient communication channel.

By leveraging the combined benefits of our Quotes and Messages features, Peacock Lumber achieved the following results.

  • Improved customer engagement: Peacock Lumber's counter staff were able to stay on top of conversations with customers, while the ability to text asynchronously allowed customers to communicate at their convenience. This eliminated phone-tag, reduced call volume, and saved time for both customers and staff.
  • Streamlined quoting process: Our Quotes feature added clarity and simplicity for customers to review quotes, while simplifying the entire quoting process for Peacock Lumber.
  • Increased online sales leads: By upgrading their quoting process with Quotes, Peacock Lumber captured more sales leads from website visitors. This allowed their sales team to focus on high-impact activities and convert more leads into sales.
  • Enhanced internal communication: Integrating our platform helped Peacock Lumber’s team have shared visibility on all customer orders, quotes, and messages so that they were always on the same page. This improved internal communication, decision-making, and overall team productivity.


Peacock Lumber's decision to partner with TOOLBX and implement our Quotes and Messages solutions had an instant impact on their business. The company's experience serves as an example of the power of digital solutions in the construction industry, showcasing the potential for increased efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved sales results.

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