65% increase in online sales revenue in 3 months

  • Company

    New Canadians Lumber

  • Location(s)

    1 store - Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Industry

    Lumber & building materials

The challenge

New Canadians Lumber, a family-owned and operated lumberyard in downtown Toronto, was seeking ways to modernize their business and keep up with the evolving needs of their customers. Their existing static website was well established but lacked online ordering. They recognized the potential in adopting an ecommerce platform that would allow them to compete online in today's construction materials market.

Before implementing TOOLBX, New Canadians Lumber faced several challenges:

  • Inability to offer online ordering, leading to lost sales and customer dissatisfaction
  • Limited reach to potential new customers
  • Inefficient store operations due to a lack of digital tools adoption

"Since implementing our new ecommerce platform, our online business has thrived in ways we never imagined. The level of support and tools that TOOLBX provide to enhance order communications with customers has enhanced our operations and streamlined how we work. Partnering with TOOLBX has been a game-changer for us!"

Edgar Gabriel, General Manager, New Canadians Lumber

The outcome

Since implementing TOOLBX's ecommerce platform, New Canadians Lumber has seen significant improvements in their business.

  • Frictionless online ordering: Our platform allowed New Canadians Lumber to offer a seamless online ordering experience that their contractors love. With a mobile-responsive design and B2B-specific functionality, their customers can now conveniently place orders anytime, anywhere.
  • Expanded customer reach: TOOLBX's unified B2B and B2C retail solution enabled New Canadians Lumber to reach a wider audience, both online and offline, attracting new customers and driving sales.
  • Improved store productivity: With tools like Order Manager, staff could quickly edit and confirm online orders for customers within TOOLBX. Integrating our messaging feature sped up follow up communication with customers, leading to increased store productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Leveraging search engines and SEO: Our SEO-friendly design helped New Canadians Lumber appear in search engine results, expanding their reach to potential customers. This generated more organic traffic to their website, which resulted in increased online sales and improved brand awareness.
  • Future-proof business: Our platform ensures that New Canadians Lumber stays competitive as more B2B buyers head online to compare products and find the best prices.


By partnering with TOOLBX, New Canadians Lumber has seen significant growth in their online sales, almost doubling their online material sales in just one quarter. The improved search engine visibility has also increased brand awareness and new customer acquisition.

The platform's frictionless online ordering, mobile-responsive design, and B2B-specific functionality have further enabled them to increase existing customer loyalty and boost store productivity. As the construction industry continues to evolve, New Canadians Lumber is now well-positioned for future success.

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