Product of the Month: The Homer Helper by Ti-D Wire LLC

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The Homer Helper by Ti-D Wire LLC is brilliant for keeping wires tidy, reducing wire damage and injury risk from stapling, and saving on labour costs. This product creates a simple solution to increase productivity by eliminating the need to staple each individual home run. This easy to pull through and easy to install device created an organized trunk-line back to the panel, in a fraction of the time. Overall, using this tool will help the job run smoother and provide a cleaner finished result.

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Product Features:

  • H2 Homer Helpers are intended to support multiple NM-B, MC, and Low Voltage cables in electrical home runs.
  • Packages come in quantities of 25 parts
  • Quickly and easily supports multiple electrical cables.
  • Hold up to 24 cables with one support.
  • Greatly reduces labour time.
  • Innovative design allows multiple cables to be installed in confined areas with ease.
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