Shop Direct

Order your materials from local supply stores

With Shop Direct you can easily order from local building supply stores in your area on the Toolbx platform through one app, with the same prices you'll get in-store.


Your local lumberyard, but with our technology.

We help building supply stores create their digital storefront

Easily buy materials online from any construction supplier on our e-commerce platform. You can order from their own e-commerce store or through Shop Direct on our app.


Got a question? We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions below. Don't see your question? Chat to us.

Will I pay the same price on Toolbx as I would in-store?

Partner stores set the prices of items on the Toolbx platform. While most stores offer everyday store prices on Toolbx, some stores may set prices on the Toolbx platform that are different from in-store prices.

Where is this available?

We are currently operating in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

You'll also be able to see if we deliver to your exact location by entering your job site address into the app.