Your TOOLBX deliveries are now carbon-neutral

Adiba Muzaffar
November 12, 2021

Climate change and the construction industry

When it comes to surveying the construction industry, all things must be considered at scale. Methods, materials, and operations add up to collectively impact the environment. While there is a shift towards developmentally forward strategies, the contribution to climate change from our industry has continued to mount. Builder companies and service businesses from the construction sector alone account for 25-40% of the world’s total carbon emissions.

Our collective responsibility for reducing carbon emissions and achieving net-zero by 2050 has been defined in the goal of the Paris Agreement as ‘reducing global warming to below 2°C’. Data-driven initiatives to drive decarbonization along the entire value chain have been cropping up since.

As a con-tech startup, TOOLBX is determined to think green. We’re a digital-first materials management platform with a commitment to direct builders and suppliers in the industry towards a longer-term investment in technology. In the larger orbit of this invested effort, is our goal to build better cities that are more livable too.

Deliveries have a carbon footprint

We’ve become a leading delivery partner with a growing number of builders and suppliers leaning on our services. We’re therefore cognizant of how the explosion of fast, last-mile delivery has increased customer expectations and demand. While reacting to this change in consumer behaviour, we also have a responsibility to consider environmentally-friendly initiatives that reduce the negative impact of our deliveries on the climate.

"The time in transit has a direct relationship to the environmental impact," said Patrick Browne, (Director of Global Sustainability, UPS) in a CNN article about the hidden costs of absurdly fast shipping. He adds how the average consumer cannot necessarily understand the environmental impact of having something tomorrow vs. two days from now.

Deliveries create emissions as moving anything around in the physical world requires energy, and most of that energy unfortunately still comes from fossil fuels. The pandemic posed new challenges for every industry, and like that, deliveries exploded. More than ever before, we rely on delivery to procure materials and continue construction projects. TOOLBX is not oblivious to these problems and is conscious to opt for remedial measures.

Our carbon offset program

Through our partners Onfleet and Pachama, TOOLBX is now offsetting all carbon emissions from our delivery operations allowing us to provide our customers with a carbon-neutral delivery service.

By offsetting carbon emissions for every KM driven and reducing material wastage with just-in-time delivery, we are aiding stakeholders like you across the industry in combating the environmental impact of procurement logistics and building materials.

How it works

Onfleet, our dispatching partner, calculates the total CO2 emissions of our operations by multiplying our monthly mileage by standard EPA GHG coefficients (based on vehicle type). This gets summed up for purchasing carbon offsets at $8 per metric ton, with $4 paid for by TOOLBX and $4 coming from Onfleet. The collected funds get sent to our sustainability partner Pachama, who then distributes them to a portfolio of ACR and VCS verified forestry projects.

All our customers will now see a ‘your delivery is carbon neutral’ message on our order tracking page.

A first step

We recognise that carbon offsets aren’t the solution to climate change, but they’re a start. It’s the first step for us at TOOLBX as we make a more concerted effort to reduce our carbon footprint. By choosing TOOLBX as your delivery partner, you can work with us to reduce the impact of our collective industry on climate change; and build a better future.

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