Top Project Management Apps For Residential Construction

Construction Project Management is the coordination and optimization of machinery, material resources and money - to drive successful completion of construction projects within specified scope, cost, time, and a standard of quality. With the emergence of construction tech apps (aka con-tech apps), the industry has been able to harness the power of technology. This has meant better management and on time completion of construction projects. 

What is Construction Project Management

Construction project management refers to a global assessment process of all stages of production, organized by team deliverables - to help optimize the construction project timeline. Allocation of resources with the help of construction project management apps make each process more streamlined and progress effectively, with indicated prioritization. Such software is used by teams on a whole, to develop and manage project schedules, budgets, responsibilities, invoices etc. Projects can be tracked live, across teams, allowing a keener  monitoring of the project progress and budget.

What is Construction Project Management Software?

A construction project management software integrates technology in the construction field and streamlines production activities. The purpose for such software is to bring project teams in sync with contractors, stakeholders and crew members through daily communication, project proposal templates, material procurement and dispatch, inventory management, job scheduling, job estimating, punch list etc. Some software are even designed to help collect electronic signatures, support task management and develop status reports. Certifications on Project Management are also made possible digitally today.

Here is a list of the top seven construction project management platforms that we've seen builders adopting widely:


1.  BuildXact

BuildXact is asoftware designed for custom home builders and remodelers. It has been uniquely designed to solve for easy and smooth management of active construction projects - with all things deemed possible on BuildXact's system -from first takeoff to final invoice.

By streamlining the estimation process - the app promises 80% faster takeoffs and quicker quotes. Simple scheduling, streamlining cost tracking & purchasing - and all of these readily available as you move with this cloud-based software.

2. Buildertrend

A screenshot of the Buildertrend construction project management app

Buildertrend provides an easily accessible platform to contractors and home builders for project planning, tracking project expenses, and building healthy client relationships. 

One of its key features includes the inbuilt construction estimating software which helps contractors to manage leads and receive more projects. Buildertrend also features a project management tool to provide easy access to the user for daily progress reports, to-do lists, project scheduling, document storage, and task tracking. Invoicing, budgeting, and payment processing are other features of the Buildertrend app. 

3. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a dynamic workspace that empowers teams to manage projects, automate workflows, and rapidly build new solutions. Smartsheet integrates with your existing tech ecosystem, so you can align everyone across the business on a single source of truth.

Construction project management combines the skills and expertise required of a traditional project manager with the always-shifting, fast-paced nature of the construction industry. To be successful, construction PMs must have a wide range of skills and experience to handle diverse teams, multiple stakeholders, tons of documentation, and rigid timelines.

4. Co-Construct

A screenshot of the CoConstruct construction project management app

CoConstruct offers scheduling, communication, client and subcontractor management, file management, a job log, change order tracking, construction project management, warranty tracking, and more. The project manager feature aids communication by allowing builders, contractors, and other team members to track to-dos, coordinate schedules, sync complex installations, and track job site activities. The project management tools also aid with prospecting, estimating, and bidding.

The key features of CoConstruct software include robust scheduling, employee time tracking, sharing of photos and files, job site logs, and streamlined finance management. Communication is the cornerstone of the CoConstruct system. All of the things builders and clients need to communicate about can be handled and tracked in CoConstruct. Looping in all stakeholders - be it spouses, designers, trades and anyone else who is a decision-maker all in one place.

5. Fieldwire

A screenshot of the Fieldwire construction project management app

Fieldwire is a construction app for the job site. Fieldwire connects the entire job site project team, from the project manager to each contractor's foreman, on a single construction management platform. It enables everyone to view their drawings, schedule work, and track their punch list in real-time effortlessly. 

Task sharing, file sharing, tracking and scheduling tasks, productivity plan viewing, and mark-up are the key features of Fieldwire. It also has features of Request-for-Information (RFIs), customer form builder, and digital forms for daily reports. 


6. Plangrid

A screenshot of the Plangrid construction project management app

Plangrid Build is robust construction software for contractors, subcontractors, project managers, and project teams. One can share real-time construction plans and reports, punch lists, job site photos, and blueprints instantly, even in offline mode.

Plangrid’s file management system is streamlined and easy to navigate. Plangrid has key features such as easy data access, mobile punch lists, photo marking, RFIs, and submittals features that help in faster communication and improved responsiveness. 


7. Bluebeam

A screenshot of the Bluebeam construction project management app

Bluebeam provides a platform for construction project teams to be on the same page and store important project data even after completion of the project. Bluebeam’s intelligent PDFs tool helps in better document management, faster project lifecycles, and simplified project closure. Both Android and Mac versions are available.


The construction industry requires a broad outlook for maximizing efficiency. Project management is generally understood as the management of resources over the life cycle of a project with the use of efficient tools and methods that help control scope, cost, time, quality and so on. In construction, the aspects being managed are often constraints that define and focus the designing and building processes. By opting for a well-laid platform, there is a vantage point gained that allows project managers to make big picture decisions with immense clarity.