Product innovation: The Bosch heated jacket

Erik Bornstein
December 21, 2018

It gets brutally cold on those job sites in the thick of Canadian winter, and we all need to take extra precautions to keep warm and healthy. This being said, wearing several bulky layers can make movement and agility difficult and really impede performance. The Bosch PSJ120 provides the perfect solution- a thin wind and water resistant layer that has three heat settings. Activated with the simple push of a button, the jacket starts heating within just five seconds. It’s also stacked with 5 convenient pockets- including one for a cell phone, large document, battery holster/controller, and two hand pockets. The battery included with the jacket (and any additional purchased Bosch batteries) can also be used to power most personal devices that are USB port compatible, such as cell phones or I-pods. Warmth and back up power all in one- a builder or construction worker’s dream!

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Product Features:

  • Three quick warming heat zones – two chest zones and one back zone start warming in a matter of seconds
  • Three-level heat controller; high (red), medium (green) and low (blue) for maximum control and comfort
  • Up to 6 hours heated runtime – maximum runtime with Bosch 12 V Max batteries on low setting
  • USB charging option for most personal electronics – while in jacket pocket (5 V/ 1 A Max output)
  • High quality water and wind resistant design with adjustable sleeves and waist – maximum comfort while working
  • All metal holster/backup belt clip – for convenient storage outside jacket
  • Five convenient internal and external pockets

Stay warm this winter! Pick one up at your local Canadian Tire or buy it on

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