Just launched: You can now order construction fencing on our app

Adiba Muzaffar
March 15, 2022

The TOOLBX team has been hard at work to find solutions beyond materials delivery that could optimize your job sites. We’re excited to bring you a new service offering in partnership with Modu-Loc - the leading brand in Canada for fence systems.

Why Fencing?

Good fences make good neighbours. On construction sites, securing perimeter fencing keeps the public out of harm’s way while preventing unauthorized entry and deterring thieves and vandals. Effective fencing also contributes to your bottom line - by controlling access to the job site, helping you manage your workflow, reduce lag time, prevent accidents and reduce your overall liability. If you’re a home builder with multiple projects to set up around the same time, our fencing service scheduling feature is designed to make your order workflow way simpler.

Our solution provides a simple, online ordering experience that allows builders to order fencing anytime, anywhere. The service is for booking and managing all fencing services in a single place. You can receive all your invoices via email and maintain records of payment across multiple accounts.

Use the app to order your fencing and make most of the following benefits:

  • Easy self-serve ordering
  • Order anytime, anywhere (even outside of business hours)
  • Schedule delivery for when you need it
  • One simplified, competitively-priced option for fencing

Rates, options and services

Modu-Loc is providing flat rate monthly rentals on fencing orders made through our app with the following pricing:

Modu-Loc’s 6-foot panels are powder-coated steel with heavy-gauge welded wire mesh. Proven to be both a durable and economical fencing solution, they’re meant to outlast your projects.

While we only offer one type of fence, you can customize the fencing order with add-ons such as:

  • Gate Installation Service ($25/gate)
  • Security Clamps ($11)
  • Safety Ramps ($31.75)
  • Sandbags ($14)
  • Privacy Screening ($3.50/ft) *available for self-install

Our simple, streamlined approach reduces the annoyance of a back-and-forth. The online ordering experience allows builders to order fencing anytime, anywhere.

How it works

Fencing shouldn’t be complicated. In our app, you'll find a simplified process to pick everything you need, and order a single bundle for a flat fee. Moreover, you can request optional and add-on items such as gates, safety ramps & sandbags as per your requirements.

Here’s how you can place your fence order:

  1. Open the TOOLBX App
  2. Under Services, choose Fencing
  3. Choose your fencing type (* currently only one type offered)
  4. Click on Add On Items to enter quantities for other items
  5. Add your delivery details (address, day, job site address etc.)
  6. Confirm your order

All your fencing essentials are ready for ordering with the swiftest app flow. Start ordering from TOOLBX today and create the ultimate bundle of items for your job site’s safety.

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