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December 21, 2018

Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel

With daily visits to construction sites and building projects across the GTA, we have the unique opportunity to check out various design styles, spot new trends emerging, and discover different design trends we like. We’ve always got our eyes peeled for new ideas, particularly when it comes to design. We’ve seen a lot of exposed steel beams incorporated into architectural elements, and really enjoy the juxtaposition of the raw industrial materials with more polished interior design elements.

When left exposed, structural steel really highlights the form and and structural integrity of a building. This design feature is being used a wide array of contemporary projects- from iconic commercial buildings to contemporary residential projects. AESS comes in a variety of forms and finishes, allowing for many different aesthetics and forms of creative expression.

Here are a few designs we love using Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel!


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The Pomona College Studio Art Hall in Claremont, California exposes the steel roof structure as an aesthetic feature that’s visible from below. Implemented by AISC.
Photo credit: Jeremy Bitterman, courtesy of wHY Architecture

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The Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust office in Toronto at the corner of Richmond Street West and Peter. This was designed to be a landmark, and is one of our favourite buildings. The project mounts a modern 12-storey tower above restored heritage buildings, supported by attractive tubular legs.
(Photo Credit: Tim Fraser for The Globe and Mail)

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Denver Union Station- by AISC.
2015 IDEAS2 Award Winner
Photo credit: Ryan Dravitz Photography

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The Helix Bridge in Singapore.


The Hillside House is a modern, energy efficient, sustainable home in California, with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Designed by Zack | de Vito Architecture + Construction, this home was designed to be extremely low maintenance, using pre-finished or naturally weathering materials. (Photos via Architizer.)

The Tea Houses in California by Swatt Miers Architects are transparent homes constructed of steel and glass, designed with the intention of providing a retreat into nature for their inhabitants. (Photos via Architizer.)

Loft 9B
– A an attic loft in Bulgaria designed by interior designer Veneta Nikolova and architect Dimitar Karanikolov.

Megan Mackenzie
Marketing Team