A note from our founder

Erik Bornstein
May 1, 2018
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Having been in the construction business in excess of 17 years, I have worked in many facets of the industry. This diverse experience helped build me to a position where I was able to develop a luxury construction company, which eventually became a leader in the space.

As a result, I recognized an opportunity to increase productivity and efficiency on the job site, by eliminating the need for off-site supply runs. It was upon this principle that Toolbx was founded! In the fast paced environment of homebuilding, we know you can use as many extra hands on deck as you can get, and keeping your manpower ON SITE is a huge part of that. For us, construction is a way of life, and it is first and foremost our mission to connect with our fellow industry peers and help innovate the construction industry.

We Are Humbled With The Level Of Support We Have Received Thus Far, And The Journey Has Just Begun!

Toolbx allows your smartphone or computer to be part of your team; as much as tools such as a drill or saw. With multiple order methods, we offer express delivery from big box stores as well as custom orders from any of your favourite retailers across the GTA. Overall, Toolbx is an on-demand market place for builders, renovators, trades and contractors to get the products they need when they need them.

My Co-Founder, Mark, and I are humbled with the level of support we have received thus far, and the journey has just begun! We want to personally thank everyone that has helped us along the way. We are looking forward to the next steps, and to continuing to add value to the construction industry.

Erik Bornstein
Toolbx Founder & CEO

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