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Updating my order

Rylan Martinez

September 16, 2020

We know job sites can be chaotic; and sometimes it's not easy to remember everything. With this feature, you can update orders you have already placed. You will be able to make changes to orders up until the order status has changed to 'out for delivery'.

With order update, you can:

  • Add additional items or materials that you may have missed the first time
  • Remove existing items
  • Add additional delivery notes

Follow the steps below to update your order:

How do I update my order?

Step 1: Select Order to Update

Find all your orders by navigating to the 'Order History' page from the left-hand navigation menu. You will be able to see orders that are in progress and completed.

Under the 'In Progress' tab, select your order and choose 'Update'.

Step 2: Update Order

With order update, you can adjust the material quantity, add delivery notes and add additional building materials.

Step 2.1: Add Building Materials

Once you select 'Add Building Materials', a pop-up will appear. Search for the building material(s) you want to add. Once you find your item, put in the quantity and click the '+' button.

Step 3: Update Order

Once you finish updating your order, select 'Save'. Your order has now been updated!

At present, you can only update your order through TOOLBX Web. Orders cannot be modified once they have been placed through our the TOOLBX App. If you run into this issue, simply call us at 905-399-7572 and our support team can update your order if it is within 30 minutes of being placed. If you need additional materials after 30 minutes of placing your order, we can create a new order for you.