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Placing a delivery only order through our web app

Sonia Mitori

February 24, 2022

From foundation to finishing, TOOLBX is the one-stop shop for construction materials and supplies. With 2 Hour Express delivery from over 200+ suppliers, you'll never have to waste time making supply runs again.

Whether it is ordering from your preferred supplier or picking up an existing order, TOOLBX has you covered.

Follow the steps below to get started with ordering today:

Step 1: Select Supplier

You may either browse through the suppliers close to your address or search for a supplier. If you cannot find your preferred supplier, simply create a Custom Supplier and enter in the address.

Step 2: Choose 'New order' or 'Pick up order'

Select 'New order' if you would like TOOLBX to order materials only from your preferred supplier. We will not source material from any other supplier than the one you choose.

Select 'Pick up order' if you would like TOOLBX to pick up an existing order (PO #).

Step 3: Enter Material

If you would like TOOLBX to purchase materials and supplies on behalf of you or your company, enter the items and quantity below:

If you would like TOOLBX to pick up an existing order, enter in the materials TOOLBX will be picking up and the PO#:

Step 4: Choose the Delivery Options

On the checkout screen, select the order size (small, medium, large), the unloading option (curbside, white glove), and the delivery schedule.

Step 5: Confirm Delivery and Place Order!

In the delivery details, you will be prompted to enter in your payment option (your credit card) and add any delivery notes. Once you confirm the order, place order!

Step 6: Order Received!

The TOOLBX team has received your order. Once our team has reviewed your order, it will be confirmed.

Keep track of your order by going to 'Order History' in the left-hand navigation menu.